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Guardian Guidepost: Advance Care Planning Toolkit


The Guardian Guidepost contains everything guardians/conservators need to begin having and documenting conversations about the healthcare preferences of the person in their care. These resources are specifically designed to help strengthen the guardianship relationship, in times of serious illness, through conversations that matter. Five Wishes can provide the framework needed to gain a strong understanding of the individual in your care so that you can advocate for and protect their best interests.

Two of our most popular resources at an affordable price:
25 copies of Five Wishes
5 copies of the Conversation Guide for Individuals and Families

As well as four resources specifically designed for guardians:
Talking About Their Wishes: Provides step-by-step guidance on how to use Five Wishes to engage in meaningful advance care planning conversations with the person in your care
Conversation Starters for Guardians: Gives you the tools you need to introduce and navigate conversations about healthcare wishes, personal beliefs, and individual preferences with the person in your care, to ensure you are advocating for them to the best of your ability.
Advance Care Planning & Guardianship: A resource that explains how the Five Wishes advance directive can be a valuable tool for a guardian who is interested in building a more trusting relationship with, advocating for the best interests of, and learning the values of the person in their care.
Advance Care Planning & Family Caregivers: Provides additional information for caregivers and their role as a guardian.

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