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The Five Wishes Physician Toolkit


The Five Wishes Physician Toolkit is a comprehensive, turnkey resource for starting or improving an advance care planning initiative using Five Wishes. The Toolkit includes:

• Five Wishes Conversation Guide for Clinicians
Step -by-step guidance for clinicians about conducting advance care planning conversations with patients and families using the Five Wishes conversation framework. This guide can also be purchased separately.
• Five Wishes Patient Guide to Advance Care Planning
Patient education tool that explains the benefits of advance care planning and provides information about FIVE WISHES. Great for waiting rooms and exam areas.
• Five Steps to Billing Medicare for Advance Care Planning Conversations
Quick reference guide to the requirements that must be met to bill Medicare for advance care planning conversations.
• Five Wishes for Physician Practices
Outlines benefits of advance care planning for physician practices and information about the benefits of the Five Wishes program.
• Using Five Wishes in Your Physician Practice
Thorough implementation guide for physician practices that covers how to use all the resources in the Toolkit.
• Five Wishes Advance Directive
The easy-to-use advance directive document, appropriate for all adults regardless of age or health status. Five Wishes can also be purchased separately and customized in large quantities for your organization or practice.

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